Course Brief


This unit aims to develop learners' understanding of theoretical approaches to media production in order to inform their own practice and set it within a wider context.

Unit abstract

This unit provides an opportunity for learners to undertake a study of the creative media in a chosen context. The unit will develop an appreciation of industry, products and audiences and the theoretical approaches used to analyse them.

The unit requires the application of academic research and referencing methods which are appropriate for learners at this level of study.

On completing this unit learners will have gained an understanding of general media theory which can then be applied and expanded upon in the specialist area of study or transferred to the wider context of the work environment to inform their own production work.

  • This course is offered in 48 contact hours

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this unit a learner will:

1      Understand the institutional context of creative media production and its influence on production

2      Understand creative media products in the context of their reception

3      Be able to present research on the production and reception of creative media products following relevant conventions

  • BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) in Creative Media Production

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