Course Brief

Participants in this course will learn the purpose of maintaining inventory, approaches to determine appropriate levels, and methods of physical control. This course is recommended for Entrepreneurs, Business Managers, Warehousing personnel and persons seeking entry into the field.

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On completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Use different methods of stock valuation to manage stocks and costs related to stocks
  • Recognize the need for forecasting in determining the right quantity
  • Apply different methods of reordering inventory
  • Recognize the need for safety stock and its impact on service level
  • Use stock classification and stock coding to monitor and control inventory levels and inventory costs
  • Recognize the different methods used to plan and control stocks in manufacturing organisations
  • Recognize the principles of warehouse or stores location and layout whilst applying proper stock flow, rotation and recording


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  • Inventory & Warehouse Management

    Almost all organizations have stocks of one kind or another. Clearly any organization that can achieve the right levels of stock will reduce their costs and thereby increase profits. In order to do this organizations need to forecast how much stock is required and must also carry safety stocks to ensure no stock outs. As some stock are more important than others, the use of stock classification systems assist in determining priorities. Although not all organizations are in the manufacturing sector, almost all buyers will at some point purchase from manufacturers and so understanding inventory management from a manufacturing perspective is important. Once stock is purchased, it must be stored and managed utilizing a number of principles to ensure stocks are received, stored, issued and accounted for throughout the Inventory Life Cycle.

    Participants in this five (5)-module course will learn the purpose of maintaining inventory, approaches to determine appropriate levels, and methods of physical control.

    Target Audience

    Inventory Managers, Inventory Supervisors, Inventory Clerks, Buyers, Warehouse personnel, MRO stores Personnel


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