Champs Fleurs Campus



The Champs Fleurs campus is the primary base and executive hub of SBCS. Commissioned in 1990, it is SBCS’ flagship campus and stands as the vanguard for the articulation and execution of our guiding principles and operational philosophies. For almost thirty years, this campus has led the charge in our anticipation and satisfaction of the educational needs of our learners through the progressive development of pedagogy and e-learning strategies; investments in study, research and testing resources; and the provision of student recreational and refectory facilities.


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As SBCS’ flagship campus, this facility has the most expansive offering of qualifications of all SBCS sites. With the exception of those offered at our Centre for Media, Communication and Design, the Champs Fleurs campus administrates the full range of SBCS’ portfolio of programmes: 



The Champs Fleurs campus boasts an investment in physical facilities that enables the effective provision of a quality teaching and learning environment for our learners. 

The site is outfitted with over 30 classrooms, each with audio-visual capabilities, whiteboard and air conditioning for an immersive and engaging learning experience. As well, fully equipped engineering (5) and computing (14) laboratories are available to service the needs of our STEM courses and students. 

Library (complemented by online EBSCO Discovery Service) and study rooms (24/7 general study room;  individual and postgraduate) provide appropriate opportunities and spaces for students to engage in research activities, either on their own or within groups. Meanwhile, updates about campus courses and events are displayed on our electronic noticeboards, or delivered through our mySBCS app over our robust, campus-wide WiFi. 

Provision is also made for specialist academic and non-academic services. The Book Distribution Centre doubles as our official testing centre, and hosts online examinations from leading vendors like Pearson VUE, Castle, Kryterion, ACCA, and Autodesk. The campus also houses a cafeteria, vending machine, and Student Recreation Centre to cater to your recreation and refectory needs while on-site.

Secured parking is available on a first-come, first-serve basis at three external locations surrounding the main complex on Sagan Drive.



Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday  8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Friday  8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Saturday  8:00 AM – 3:00 PM


Advisory & Academic Centres

Advisory & Admissions Centre 663-7227 Ext. 1140 – 1146
Accountancy Training & Education Centre 663-7227 Ext. 1010 – 1013
Centre for Certified Professional Programmes 663-7227 Ext. 1045 – 1047
Centre for IT & Engineering 663-7227 Ext. 1091 – 1098
Centre for University of Greenwich Programmes 663-7227 Ext. 1250 – 1255
Centre for University of London Programmes 663-7227 Ext. 1250 – 1255
Corporate Education Centre 663-7227 Ext. 1070 – 1080
Corporate Training Centre 663-7227 Ext. 1111 – 1113
Student Services  663-7227 Ext. 1290 – 1291